iPhone 7 Camera, Specs: iPhone 7 will lose the camera bump

Based on a Apple patent report, nevertheless, the approaching iPhone 7 will not possess the exact same issue, using the new, thinner iPhone camera sitting flush using the phone’s back.

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Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 have had a hideous camera bulge in the back. For a lot of, this can be a issue because the smartphone will not lay flat on its back and also the lens cover might be broken. Each iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 possess the camera bulge. That could alter with long term iPhones, and Apple might lastly eliminate the bulge.

Due to the brand new patent application filed by Apple, a spherical lens will decrease the thickness from the camera module. This would make it feasible to get a slim smartphone to possess a non-protruding camera lens.

New patent is named “Small form factor high-resolution camera,” and states the distance in between the CMOS sensor and also the lens may be decreased by utilizing a curved sensor.


iPhone camera patent iPhone 7 Camera, Specs: iPhone 7 will lose the camera bump

iPhone Camera’s new Patent, remove the camera bump

It is a really awesome concept and it is currently getting used in astronomical telescopes. To make use of this on the little smartphone particular camera could be tough, but continues to be feasible.

Apple could wind up utilizing this new camera module inside a long term iPhone, but do not anticipate to determine it within the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 will probably function an enhanced camera, but absolutely nothing of this kind and we think the bulge will nonetheless be there.

This lens method could have an aperture of f/1.8 or much less. The complete axial length from the setup is proposed to become lower than 2 mm.

This kind of a setup is stated to trigger distorted pictures because of chromatic aberration, but Apple claims it could repair that by including an additional lens.

iPhone 7 camera iPhone 7 Camera, Specs: iPhone 7 will lose the camera bump

Regardless of becoming thinner than a conventional setup, the camera will create greater high quality and sharper pictures. The curved would also have the ability to capture much more light and offer much better pictures during the night.

A patent application does not usually imply that it’ll turn out to be a actuality. Apple files 1000’s of patents, but only a couple of make it towards the real goods. Hopefully yes, but we’re in rumor territory right here, so anything’s feasible.

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