iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s will configure dual rear cameras

For a long time, the camera has been one of the biggest advantages of iPhone. Currently, Apple’s application for a patent shows that the future of the iPhone will be possible using dual cameras. Apple mentioned in the patent, smart phone back using a dual cameras system. One of the wide-angle lens, the other with a telephoto lens, the user can switch between two cameras. In this way, Apple hopes to ensure users to zoom the camera viewfinder, the picture quality is not affected.

Patent document description, a camera can be used to take a static picture, the other can be shot video. Apple even imagine, the application of the camera will be a good combination of the two cameras, the use of static pictures highlight the exciting moment; and they are able to shoot at a different speed or resolution.

In addition, two rear camera can also take 3D photos. But to show the effect of 3D, then Apple also needs to open the corresponding screen display technology. So currently taking 3D photos should not be the focus of apple.

At the end of 2014 there has been news that iPhone 7 will include dual rear-facing cameras, the exposure of the patent confirmed this possibility, but dual rear cameras don’t necessarily appear on the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s.

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