What is the secret of iPhone camera?

As we all know, although the iPhone pixel is not too high, but the picture quality is better. When a lot of mobile phone camera pixels are 8 million, apple is also 8 million. But when the brand will be camera pixels to 12 million or 20 million, apple is still 8 million pixels.

In this year, the iPhone 6s pixel is raised to 12 million. However, the effect of the 8 million pixel iPhone camera is even more than a number of 12 million pixels or 20 million pixels of the effect. Why can iPhone take pictures so well? What exactly is apple doing?

iphone6scamera w What is the secret of iPhone camera?

iPhone 6s camera

High pixel is not equal to high quality
Many users have such a misunderstanding, it is most users think high pixel represents high quality, the more pixels camera better. Actually otherwise, the high pixel is not equal to high quality. So many manufacturers to compromise the user that the user wants to pixels high, makes the phone pixel to improve. However, apple no such, with practical action told users, pixels high can not represent high imaging. And the fact is so, the market proved to Apple insists is correct.

Camera hardware
Apple’s camera customised by Sony, Apple also deeply involved in. It has high resolution, linearity, size and large dynamic range. If the hardware fever is large, it will affect the quality of pixel mobile phone. However, the iPhone is a nice design, far more than the vast majority of the market mobile phone design, so in equipment design, heat dissipation is good. It also created the iPhone’s camera pixels stability.

iphone5scamera What is the secret of iPhone camera?

iPhone 5s camera

Sensor size
Users should not only pay attention to the pixel camera, but should focus on camera sensor size. Usually case, the larger sensor has greater pixel size, which has a greater amount of light, eventually leading to better quality. In a word, high pixel doesn’t mean high picture quality. In the sensor size is smaller, we believe that the high pixel means smaller pixel size, and too small pixel size will lead to worse picture quality. So the sensor size is very important.

Excellent software algorithm
Apple can optimize the camera effect by software, such as iPhone is very good in the white balance of the processing power, while iPhone equipped with a high level of the screen, so that the user to see the camera images become very beautiful.

The mobile phone’ camera is good or bad, not just depending on the level of the pixel, but also with the camera lens, sensor, software optimization, etc. These are all decided the quality of a photo. Therefore, high pixel does not mean that the high effect, the overall quality of the mobile phone is more important.

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